Permanent Makeup Tattoo and Eyeliner in Durban


Permanent Make up in Durban and KZN - Permanent Lips and Eyeliner
At Cosmedico we believe in achieving natural permanent makeup results that don't look like obvious tattoos.
We consider the science behind your skin when working on your face or medical tattoo, working conservatively to achieve results that age beautifully over time and compliment your look for years to come!
Owner & founder of Cosmedico, Deanne has spent over a decade perfecting her skills in the makeup industry, honing her craft to bring you the latest in cosmetic tattoo techniques - say goodbye to outdated microblading and hello to powder brows, ombre brows, nano hairstrokes and more! 

Our goal is to create results that you love forever.
HEALED results that age beautifully in your skin.
Each skin type is different and will react differently to different treatment techniques. Deanne uses her years of experience to consider your individual skin type & texture before advising you on the best treatment option for you.
Deanne specializes in creating natural looking eyebrows. She opts for her preferred "powder brow" technique over traditonal microblading. She loves adding volume to lips using lip blush techniques and is proud to produce some of the most impressive dark lip neutralizing transformations!

Deanne's passion for the world of cosmetic tattoo has led her to expand her service offerings into the world of paramedical tattoo; using her skillset she creates realistic looking areola tattoos for cancer survivors and breast surgery patients.

Deanne's extensive knowledge and passion for permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing make her a highly sought after artist; with clients travelling from across the country for her perfectionist attitude and attention to detail!

Book a free consultation and choose from our variety of permanent makeup or paramedical tattoo services: Microblading, powder brows, ombre brows, nano hairstrokes, lip blush, dark lip neutralising, laser tattoo removal, scalp micropigmentation, eyeliner tattoo. 
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